“Photograms” had been my favourite process for creating images for many years. Photograms use light and chemistry to create images and as such are a perfect medium for visual experimentation. Each photogram is unique to its own process. Curiosity has led me to extend that process digitally.

Currently I make “Cybergrams” using digital photographs which I have taken. These become the basis for introducing an organic sensibility to the work by testing the limits of Photoshop and allowing the program the freedom to render as it will, given any particular brushstroke. No two cybergrams from the same root image can be identical, because the gesture used with each subsequent root image is unique. Each cybergram may be printed more than once.

I still consider that I make pictures with light but have replaced chemistry with the science within the technology of the computer —which is equally sensitive to gesture as is the photogram. Making cybergrams is a joyous and magical experience for me. I find the process as amazing and enlightening as was the process of making analogue photograms.